Conducting Market Research and Identifying Addressable Opportunities for a Company Involved in Multiple Businesses

Automotive Consulting Firms

Client Challenge

The client was a subsidiary of a large global company that has businesses in design, manufacturing, marketing, and industrial and consumer products. The larger company and the industrial technologies division of the client is engaged in providing asset protection, monitoring, information products/ system across the power value chain (generation, transmission and distribution). The client requested UC STRATEGY to conduct a market assessment and to identify an addressable opportunity for the relevant products/ system. 

Our Approach

UC STRATEGY studied the market and found addressable opportunities after doing the following research:

  • Conducted detailed interviews across the power value chain to arrive at total market and addressable market
  • Analysed value chain dynamics and the role of entities in the value chain (original equipment manufacturers, utilities, turnkey contractors, engineering consultants, system integrators)
  • Mapped purchasing processes of different entities like original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), utilities etc. for the above products/ system, and identified who the key influencers are and what their key purchasing criteria are
  • Identified key market trends shaping the space and identified the products for the future
  • Analysed the current competitive landscape and how will this evolve moving forward
  • Identified the optimal way for reaching the market for a different set of products


Our Impact

The client obtained a realistic assessment on the market which can be addressed currently, and a list of products that can be looked into as a future opportunity.

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