Conducting a Review of the Processes and Systems in the Courier Business of a Logistics Company

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

Pre-2001, the client, into Ports and Logistics Industry, had an alliance with a large multinational company (MNC) in the business of express delivery and used the MNC’s proprietary software. The client implemented the Oracle enterprise software where the cost of leased lines was prohibitive for the client’s franchisees. Hence, they introduced a lighter version of the enterprise software for its franchisee network, wherever network connectivity was poor. However, the client faced significant issues with respect to the billing delays, delivery tracking and most importantly, all franchisees moved onto the lighter off-line version. This resulted in an increased complexity in the managing software, especially with respect to master updates and version updates etc.

Thus, the top management requested UC Strategy to provide a point of view on the above and to outline the way forward.

Our Approach

 To review the processes and systems, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted internal interviews to understand the processes within the company
    • Sales – suspect, prospect, customer acquisition, brick walling (protecting the customer from competitors)
    • Operation – pickups, line haul, delivery
    • Customer Service – front line (customer call handling), backline (shipment tracking)
    • Commercial/ Billing – Customer registration, invoicing, generation of debit/credit notes
  • Conducted interviews with users of the software and franchisees in 22 locations across India to understand the problems that they face during actual operation
  • Recommended that a software change was not warranted given that critical functionality fixes and process fixes should resolve issues
  • Also recommended that the client, on a war footing, needs to move most of the franchisees to a central, online system as opposed to working on the off-line version. The off-line version would be limited only to franchisees in remote locations with poor connectivity. Infrastructure requirements and costs were estimated to support the above
  • Recommended process changes based on interviews with company and franchise personnel to optimise the above-mentioned functions
  • Recommended system changes which helped expedite operations at the franchisee level, resulting in accurate and timely billing, enhanced customer service and an increase in sales

Our Impact

The client received a detailed review of their implementation plan, with suggestions on operations, people and technology. UC Strategy delivered their point of view on the processes and systems being used by the client.

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