Converting India’s Growth into Better Healthcare: Financing Reform Options

Biotech Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client is a US based association representing leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies with a mission to conduct effective advocacy of public policies for patient benefits. The client wanted to initiate a dialogue with the Indian government to improve the healthcare environment with positive public policy approaches to health care financing reform.

 Our Approach

 To assist the client in this endeavour, UC Strategy followed the following processes:

  • Landscaped the Indian healthcare environment and examined the demographic and healthcare disparities amongst different segments of the Indian population
  • Examined the existing structure for financing and reform – Government funding, pre-payment methods like social insurance, private health insurance, community insurance, and out of pocket expenditure
  • Examined international financing methods relevant to different segments of the population
  • Defined public policy options for the formal segment of the economy evolving around mandated coverage, with more private involvement of healthcare financing –
    • Expansion and recasting of the social insurance program to more extensively and effectively cover the workforce, combined with
    • Expansion and introduction of private health insurance and medical savings accounts
  • Outlined public policy options to support an increase in government funding and social security/ insurance measures like Swasthya Bima Yojana for the Below Poverty Line (BPL). Developed a regulatory framework to support community insurance and healthcare financing reforms in remote/ rural areas
  • Outlined major successful models of public-private partnerships
  • Conducted discussions with key stakeholders in the healthcare financing ecosystem to examine the ability to implement and challenges for recommended initiatives
  • Examined implications on the pharmaceutical industry

Our Impact

Provided ground level perspective and created a platform for the client to initiate dialogue with the Indian government and key stakeholders such as insurers, and others, on public policy options for healthcare financing with an assessment of equity, efficiency, feasibility and sustainability towards different population segments.

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