Cost Optimisation for a Company Selling Hair Weaves, Braids and Curls in Maputo

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, involved in the hair weave, braid and curl market, approached UC STRATEGY for a cost optimisation of its products and processes. They required a review of their packaging and logistics as well.


Our Approach

UC STRATEGY created a plan for each product with the savings potential and the means to achieve that end result:

  • For weaves, came up with solutions to reduce fibre wastage and did trials on all weave products, suggested switching to a lower cost alternate fibre, and reviewed the processes to find solutions for productivity improvement
  • For curls and braids, identified glitches in the techniques that result in fibre wastage and poor quality, and found solutions for that
  • Reviewed the overall manpower model and found that there was an excess of it in off-season months and certain sections were under-staffed during peak seasons. Identified and planned operator deployment over 12 months based on forwarding plan for braids, curls and weaves
  • Assessed the packaging for all products, their efficiency, further requirements and changes to be made


Our Impact

Assisted the client in streamlining the manufacturing process for many of the products and saving on logistics and packaging.

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