Creating a Customer Focused Organisation Structure for an Auto and Industrial Rubber Component Manufacturer

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was engaged in the manufacturing of automotive and industrial rubber components largely for OEMs and after-market clients. The company had been growing at greater than 30% per annum over five years and the top management believed that the growth rate would continue for the next few years. The top management engaged UC Strategy to create a customer focused organisation structure in view of issues such as:

  • Top management’s involvement in day-to-day operations
  • Absence of a customer focused organisation/ key account focus, resulting in lack of professionalism when dealing with customers
  • They also requested UC Strategy to assist them in defining the job profiles and job descriptions for the proposed structure

Our Approach

UC Strategy developed a customer-focused organisation structure undertaking following steps:

  • Conducted interviews with top management to understand the overall corporate agenda
  • Conducted one-on-one discussions with many people in the organisation (except unionised staff) to understand issues regarding reporting relationships, leadership, staffing, capabilities, customer issues and other organisation related issues
  • Conducted discussions with key customers of the client to understand their perspective on the company and issues faced by them
  • Summarised the issues and arrived at a framework of recommendations to resolve the same. Also assessed and recommended whether a single-point or a multipoint customer interaction will be required in the client’s organisation
  • Defined the organisation structure for the company to make it a customer focused organisation. This was followed by detailing of profiles and job descriptions
  • Considered the key constraints of the client in achieving the proposed organisation structure and defined a migration plan comprising of an immediate and intermediate organisation structure
  • Assisted the top management in communicating the proposed organisation structure to key employees.

Our Impact

The client received a framework of recommendations to solve the looming issues and assistance in relaying the outlined organisation structure to employees.

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