Creating a Performance Scorecard for a Transformer and Electrical Meters Manufacturer

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The company was into manufacturing of Industrials Products such as distribution and power transformers, execution of turnkey projects, manufacturing of meters and supervisory control and data acquisitions (SCADA) solutions. The client has ambitious plans for growth, but was concerned about the higher attrition rate resulting in low employee morale and the complacency in performance culture and thus wanted to redesign the performance evaluation system that supports the business objectives. UC Strategy was requested to develop a performance scorecard for the company.

Our Approach

To develop a performance scorecard for the company, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Interviewed the client and the employees across divisions to understand key issues in the current evaluation system and the business objectives for next 2-3 years
  • Brainstormed and analysed gaps in the internal capabilities across the division. They developed a conceptual framework for the performance evaluation system. Also, the team prepared a detailed operating manual for the new evaluation process
  • Assisted clients, divisional heads and heads of departments (HODs) in finalising the targets for each measure defined
  • Conducted risk assessment for the implementation of a new evaluation system and developed a risk mitigation plan
  • Assisted them in implementation

Our Impact

UC Strategy developed and implemented a performance evaluation system and an assessment of risk in implementation of the performance evaluation plan and the development of risk mitigation plan

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