Dealer Survey for a Ceramics Tile Manufacturer

market assessment

Client Challenge

The company was looking to strengthen its distribution network to face increased domestic competition and the threat of imports. It wanted to conduct a small pilot study of its dealers and sub-dealers with a view to determining the following:

  • Perception of the company/ brand vis-a-vis competition, by dealers/ sub-dealers
  • Study aspects of the company’s policies and processes that impact dealers, and compare that with those of competitors
  • Dealer’s perspective on importance of the brand name in influencing consumer’s buying

Our Approach

To conduct a dealer survey for the company, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Developed a discussion guide for interviews with dealers
  • Selected dealers to interview based on parameters such as size, competitor brands stocked, location etc.
  • Conducted primary research by interviewing dealers and benchmarking the company vis-à-vis competitors with regards to the following aspects –
    • Appointment terms
    • Pricing policy (Price lists, schedule of discount, margins etc.)
    • Payment terms (credit, credit notes etc.)
    • Incentive schemes
    • Monetary (quantity discounts, coupons, vouchers etc.)
    • Goods (free gifts, 2 for 1 offers etc.)
    • Promotional support (POP material)
    • Cooperative advertising support
    • Advertising support
    • Samples
    • Dealer policies
    • Dealer Relations (meets etc.)
    • Addressal of grievances etc.
    • Administrative procedures and controls
    • Territorial rights (geographical exclusivity etc.)
    • Order processing
    • Information technology support
    • Training etc.
  • Developed recommendations based on the research findings

Our Impact

UC Strategy delivered a detailed report to the client with respect to the perception of the company/ brand vis-a-vis competition, by dealers/ sub-dealers, aspects of the company’s policies and processes that impact dealers and the importance of the brand name for consumers buying behavior.


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