Defining a Consumer Electricals Small Appliances Market Entry Strategy for a Leading Consumer Electronics Company in India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was one of the key players in the domestic fans and lighting segments. The company has been operating in this space for more than 50 years as part of leading Indian corporate house

The client hired UC STRATEGY for assessing the entry into select consumer electrical segments such as small appliances


Our Approach

In order to define a market entry strategy, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • As a part of the assignment conducted detailed on-field primary research which included in-person interviews with more than 120 respondents across various entities in the small appliances market in India
  • Examined the appliances market and segmented the appliances into three major types of sub-segments
  • Assessed the competitive landscape in each of the sub-segments
  • Assessed the market size and growth rate of each of the sub-segments
  • Identified segments for detailed study of market entry strategy
  • Overhauled and conducted a detailed research and study of the selected appliances segment, this included:
    • Product range coverage
    • Market overview and future growth potential
    • Analysis of customer purchase behaviour
    • Detailed analysis and profiling of competitive landscape
    • Analysed and provided a market overview of small appliances
    • Explained the value chain dynamic in the selected segment
    • Formulated a business model for market entry into the selected segment
  • Examined and highlighted the business economics
  • Assessed and explained the regional demographic dynamics and brand perceptions of potential buyers
  • Explained the outsourcing model used in this segment by peers
  • Drafted a market entry strategy for the client.


Our Impact

The client received a well-defined market entry strategy with an overall market landscape for small appliances.

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