Defining a Growth Strategy for India’s Leading Premium Natural Mineral Water Brand

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a leading mineral water brand in India wanted to protect their leadership position and increase its nationwide presence in the mineral water industry. They approached UC Strategy to look for strategies in distribution, diversification, and exports. The client also wanted UC Strategy to examine its pricing and promotion strategy and evaluate its options of increasing focus in the retail, impulse and export market.

Our Approach

To develop a clear understanding of the future business strategy of the mineral water industry, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • An in-depth primary research was conducted across eight locations in India, with ~ 550 respondents across different respondent groups (consumers, channel members, competitors)
  • Defined a strategy for launch of different SKUs across various price points
  • Identified issues with existing channel policies and defined initiatives in areas of margins and credit policy
  • Evaluated various distribution channels and availability across high impulse locations
  • Defined marketing and promotions strategy (pull and push) for influencers, channel partners, and customers
  • Analysed diversification into related products and recommended distinct strategies
  • Defined a marketing organisation structure
  • Prepared a detailed implementation plan to assist top management and key personnel during the implementation phase

Our Impact

The client received a complete understanding of the mineral water industry and on the future business strategy in terms of brand positioning, promotions, and channel strategies.

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