Defining a Joint Venture Strategy for a French Food company Specialising in Cheese Making

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a leading dairy and food processor based in France approached UC STRATEGY to define a joint venture with an Indian company (hereafter referred to as target company) into dairy and milk products. The joint venture was for Indian operations for the new entity.


Our Approach

In order to define a new JV, UC used the following approach:

  • As a part of the engagement, more than 100 respondents were interviewed across segments and industries where milk and milk products are used
  • Landscaped the value-added products market scenario in India
  • Examined the value-added dairy product opportunity for cheese, butter, yoghurt, cottage cheese and whey
  • Assessed the key success factors for the business
  • Undertook a competitive landscaping and assessment of target company’s relative market position
  • Highlighted the potential contributions that can be made by the client company to the proposed joint venture
  • Laid out the brand strategy required for the proposed joint venture for all of the value-added products aspired to be sold by the venture
  • Worked out on the financing for the venture including target revenues
  • Executed a fair valuation of the target company.


Our Impact

The client received a robust joint venture strategy along with near exact valuation for the target company.


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