Defining a Marketing Strategy for a Natural Mineral Water Company

Food Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, an investor in a premium natural mineral water company based in New Delhi had the following issues with its company

  • Penetration of the product was very poor
  • Poor sales of the product leading to losses every year
  • Focused mainly on institutional clients with little effort to build the brand or enter other segments
  • Increased competition from organised players (domestic and MNC), leading to lowering the price for institutional clients to remain loyal.

Thus, the client turned to UC Strategy to define a marketing strategy to achieve growth within the company.

Our Approach

To define a marketing strategy for the client, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted a secondary research to understand the industry
  • Also conducted a primary research in key markets, including metros and tourist destinations in the country to the following segments

    1) Consumers (individuals, institutions, hotels, bars, restaurants)

    2) Retailers

    3) Distributors

    4) Competitors

  • Conducted an in-depth study of key international markets to understand the export potential of the brand
  • Defined the positioning of the brand in the domestic and international market
  • Defined the marketing strategy including the brand image, target segment, pricing, distribution plan, packaging and prepared the penetration strategy

Our Impact

The client received an in-depth implementation plan to market its brand and also a better understanding of the international market.