Defining a Menu Based Pricing Model for O&M in Wind Energy

Client Challenge

The client was a market leader in Windmills in India and globally across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Over the past two decades, it has built and consolidated its presence in 19 countries. It offered offers end-to-end integrated services right from site selection, to complex front-end engineering design to manufacturing of wind turbines and components and undertaking construction, installation, and commissioning of wind farms as well as long-term operations and maintenance support of the windfarms.

The client requested UC Strategy to evaluate the feasibility of providing menu-based O&M service for customers as opposed to the integrated end-to-end O&M services. It also requested to define the customer segments, the models/best practices which are being followed in O&M globally and by other players in India.

Our Approach

  • UC Strategy initiated the project with context building to understand client’s current objective and strategic intent for offering menu based O&M services.
  • We then prepared detailed discussion guides and identified stakeholders viz. customers, competitions, and independent service providers in the industry
  • We conducted in-depth discussions with client’s various country heads to establish the global practices adopted by various markets in offering O&M services
  • We conducted a detailed primary and secondary research for assessing the feasibility of offering O&M services to specific customer segments, capabilities being built by various customer segments, willingness to pay a premium for value-added services.
  • We defined the risk associated with various menus that can be offered to customers in the market

Our Impact

UC Strategy estimated the overall Windmill O&M market size in India and defined the various menus that can be offered to various customer segments. We prepared the practices adopted by various global players in the O&M market and arrived at the feasibility of offering menu based O&M services in India for which customer segments and what timeframe

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