Defining a Strategy for an Agrochemical Company to Leverage its Seed Research Capabilities

Agribusiness Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, one of India’s largest agrochemical companies which had recently acquired a seed company, asked UC Strategy to define a strategy to leverage its seed research capabilities. The client also requested UC Strategy to answer strategic questions such as feasibility of seed cultivation, feasibility and economic viability to farmers and distilleries in India, parity of current seed variety with competition, customer segment (sugar mills/ distilleries) to target, geography to conduct pilot trials in India and usage of current farmland to grow the seeds.

Our Approach

To define a strategy to leverage its seed research capabilities, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted detailed desk research to gain insights into overall demand-supply scenario (current and future) of fuel ethanol, feedstock availability (sugarcane, grains), growth cycle of the seed and its current use in India
  • Conducted primary research across geographies in India
  • Determined farmer and distillery economics for the seed
  • Gained insights into stalk height, yield, reviewed content and ethanol produced from seed varieties of competitors and benchmarked it with the client seed variety
  • Defined multiple concurrent strategies to tap customers and identified geographies to conduct pilot trials
  • Defined strategy to leverage farm land available with the company
  • Defined a detailed implementation roadmap

Our Impact

The client received a deep insight of the bio fuels space and a view of the addressable opportunity and a roadmap to implement the strategy along with an agenda to build requisite

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