Defining Business Model and Assessing Financial Feasibility of a Race Track Project for a PE Investor

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client, a PE investor wished to invest in racing tracks in India. The client approached UC STRATEGY to assess the financial feasibility of a race track and define a business model for the same

 Our Approach

In order to assess the feasibility and define a business model, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Interviewed more than 20 industry respondents across segments as a part of the primary research
  • Assessed the race tracks present in India and their dynamics
  • Examined the performance and track record of the tracks present in India
  • Assessed the revenues and utilisation of those tracks
  • Assessed the level of interest of race cars and car racing in India in the present scenario and examined the key reasons for its growth
  • Assessed the global model used by more than 6 track owners worldwide and examined the business model and operational strategies used by them
  • Examined the revenue streams that can be generated by racing tracks in India
  • Assessed the feasibility of setting up a race track in Western region
  • Highlighted the potential and key success factors
  • Prepared prospective business models
  • Highlighted the financial with returns on investment with various assumptions.

Our Impact

The client received a detailed business model and assessment of the financial feasibility of a race track venture in India.


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