Defining a Domestic Growth Strategy for a Leading Ayurveda Player in Urban and Semi-Urban Market  

Client Challenge

The client, a highly reputed Ayurveda player, manufacturing classical Ayurvedic medicines, approached UC STRATEGY to assist in defining a growth strategy with a view to expand the reach of its products across India and to increase its nationwide presence.

Our Approach

To undertake the assessment of the classical as well as proprietary and patented (P&P) product market and define a growth strategy, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Defined a methodology for selection of states and locations depending on market attractiveness and shortlisted 12 locations in 4 states
  • Shortlisted 5 key therapeutic segments and ailments based on external market parameters and internal company parameters combined with inputs from primary and secondary research
  • Conducted primary research in 12 locations, and held discussions with ~ 180 respondents across different respondent groups i.e. doctors, channel members (distributors, wholesalers, retailers), hospitals and Ayurveda Colleges
  • Defined distinct strategies for P&P and classical products
  • Defined pricing strategy for P&P and classical set of products
  • Analyzed existing distribution network for their products and recommended strategies for the same
  • Identified issues with existing channel policies and defined initiatives in areas of margins, door delivery policies and credit policy
  • Defined a sales organization structure to increase their reach in the market.
  • Defined marketing and promotions strategy (pull and push) for influencers, channel partners and customers
  • Define a roll-out plan and outlined a draft implementation plan to assist top management and key personnel

Our Impact

UC STRATEGY defining a growth strategy with a view to expand the reach of its products across India.

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