Defining a Domestic Pharmaceutical Market Entry Strategy for a Leading Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Formulations Company

Client Challenge

The client was India’s leading pharmaceutical company specialising in developing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical formulations using novel drug delivery systems (“NDDS”)

It had expertise in developing sustained release formulations, controlled release formulations, combination products, taste masking formulations and oral fast dissolving dosage forms.

The client supplied NDDS formulations and intermediates to leading domestic pharmaceutical companies and Indian arms of global pharmaceutical companies. The client requested UC STRATEGY to assess opportunities to enter Indian pharmaceutical market.


Our Approach

 In order to conduct a feasibility study, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Interviewed 124 respondents including 70 physicians covering 4 therapeutic areas and 54 respondents from marketing and distribution channel across 7 cities while developing the business strategy
  • Three workshops were conducted at critical stages to discuss the hypothesis developed
  • Identified the Therapeutic segment selection for the client while entering into Indian markets directly
  • Laid down the product strategies for the clients products
  • 6 cities were shortlisted for initial market entry based on their market size, market growth, per capita healthcare expenditure and presence in a state with high pharma market size and growth
  • Defined customer segment focus and marketing strategy
  • Examined and analysed the distribution model required for the product’s client
  • Redefined the organisation structure of the brand to accommodate large sales force
  • Built a financial model.


Our Impact

Defined a detailed domestic market entry strategy for the client.

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