Defining Entry Strategy for Canola Oil Segment in India

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client was evaluating entry into the edible Canola oil space in India. As a starting point, the company intended to study the feasibility of setting – up Canola Oil Distribution Chain from importing of refined Canola Oil to retailing Packaged Canola Oil in specific geographies in India. The top management of the company requested UC Strategy to conduct a feasibility study

Our Approach

To define entry strategy for Canola oil segment in India, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • We initiated the project with context building so as to understand strategic intent and company capabilities
  • Conducted secondary and 220 primary interviews in Mumbai and Bangalore with respondents across various categories (e.g. Competitors, Distributors, Retailers, Individual consumers, Institutional consumers, Doctors, Dietitians etc.)
  • Estimated health oil and thereby canola oil market size at India and respective geography level
  • Developed market insights on key market clusters within respective geographies, analyzed consumer preferences for Canola Oil and identified key purchase criteria of various customer segments.
  • Identified the key market players and analyzed the competition.
  • Analyzed value chain for each product category/competition and prepared value build-up charts
  • Developed insights on supply chain (including refining and packaging) of canola oil
  • Developed canola oil pricing and positioning hypothesis with revenue potential at two price points
  • Developed market entry strategy for respective geography markets along with financial projections at a finalized price point

Our Impact

The client received a detailed report with respect to market snapshot, competitor analysis and a detailed market entry strategy into the Canola oil segment (along with financial projects).

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