Defining Entry Strategy For Two Adjacent Opportunities Within Building Materials Industry in India

Building Materials Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was one of India’s leading building material players, being one of the two top players in the Indian Glass market. It had been the global leader in building component industry. The client requested UC Strategy to devise an entry strategy for entering into two adjacent opportunities to their existing portfolio. One was ‘windows’ and the other being ‘glass hardware’. It needed assistance on evaluating entry into two adjacent segment opportunities (products/ services/solutions). The market for opportunities under evaluation is highly unorganized and the client is looking to create a Shapers Role in the market.

For the two opportunities, we defined Entry Strategy into the Indian Market

Our Approach

  • Approach for Glass hardware
    • Classification of hardware into broad segments for further evaluation (based on functionality, technical requirement etc.)
    • Developed a framework for assessment of segment attractiveness
    • Eliminated the unattractive segments and identify segments for further evaluation
    • Eliminated the unattractive segments and identify segments for further evaluation
    • Devised entry options for the shortlisted segments
  • Approach for Aluminium/UPVC window
    • Built Context
    • Market Dynamics
    • Customer and Competition Dynamics
    • Assessed Overall Attractiveness
    • Market Entry Strategy and Business Plan
  • We then prepared detailed discussion guides and identified stakeholders customers, competitions, and independent service providers in the industry
  • UC STRATEGY then conducted a detailed primary and secondary research as per above-listed approach

Our Impact

UC STRATEGY estimated the overall Windows and glass hardware market opportunities in India as per various segmentation pivots (customer segment, channel, product type..etc). Identified key market segments for the client to enter and also provided global differentiation play adopted by leading window players across key geographies


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