Defining a Growth Strategy for the Distributor of a Leading International Luxury Eyewear Brand in India

Medical Devices Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, predominantly into the distribution of leading international eyewear brands was looking to venture into the retail business. The client turned to UC to provide a growth strategy and to identify other product categories in the premium/luxury market to target. The client also requested UC to assist them in providing insights on the process and structural issues that would impede growth opportunities for the organization.

Our Approach

To develop a growth strategy for the client, UC adopted the following approach:

  • Analyzed the existing processes, and organization structure with respect to existing roles and responsibilities, reporting relationships etc.
  • Highlighted key issues and defined standard operating procedures (SOPs), organization structure and detailed processes, job descriptions and incentive structure in consultation/coordination with the management
  • Identified business opportunities, assessed value chain opportunities for existing products, consumer preferences for eyewear and business model of competitors
  • Defined strategy for the eyewear business in terms of final eyewear offering, viability of different retail formats and an overall business model in context of its growth strategy

Our Impact

The client received a roadmap for change in its process and structural issues. An incentive structure including sales, growth and performance-based incentives and a robust procurement and inventory management process was introduced. UC also delivered a summary of the key market, systemic and business operational issues that could hamper the client’s growth. UC also provided different business models and strategies to cater to different market segments.




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