Defining the Market Size and Opportunity in the Price Driven Distribution Segment in the US, for a Glass Container Manufacturer

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, one of the global leaders in manufacturing glass containers for the pharmaceutical and perfumery business wanted to revisit its strategy for the price driven distribution segment in the US. The client requested UC Strategy to validate the total market opportunity through the distribution segment along with an estimation of the potential addressable market size based on its infrastructure in India and US.

Our Approach

UC Strategy conducted a market sizing and opportunity study in order to assist the client:

  • To define the growth strategy for the client, UC Strategy conducted an in-depth primary research with 21 key distributors in the US and developed a detailed understanding on the glass container distribution market.
  • We estimated overall market size based on combination of pivots like glass type, container size and industry segment along with the definition of key purchasing criteria.
  • We studied imports, especially from China and Taiwan in to the US (volume and price), for different segments. A costing model was developed to analyse the addressable market size from both the US and India production centres.

Our Impact

The client received a holistic overview of the distribution market in terms of glass size, type, segment etc. The new geography and customer accounts for potential entry were highlighted and also a change in the organisation structure was recommended for better servicing the distribution segment. Initiatives on the production side and cost optimisation were enumerated, along with the estimation of potential growth in the business over a two year period.