Defining the Strategy Planning Process And Developing the Strategy Map

Client Challenge

The client was a leading herbal pharmaceutical company in India, manufacturing standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals and herbal veterinary healthcare products. Its product division was classified into three heads: Animal Healthcare (Poultry, Cattle and Aqua), Human Healthcare and Services. The company wanted to achieve higher revenue, however, it had been facing flattened growth since the last 1 year. Towards this goal, the client wanted UC STRATEGY’s assistance in the development of a strategic plan which will help drive its growth over the next few years. The client requested UC STRATEGY to design the strategic planning process.

Our Approach

  • Understood the strategic intent of the client by understanding the expectations and aspirations of the top management and key personnel
  • Understood the business structure (all three divisions) of client and by assessing internal capabilities including financial analysis of business over last 5 years
  • Conducted market analysis by identifying the key trends in the market and in-depth assessment of various stakeholders viz. customers and competition through primary and secondary research
  • Presented market sizes for each business division and sub-division for various product categories
  • Based on the market findings and internal capability assessment, built a five-point strategy for achieving 300+ revenue target by 2017
  • Formulated growth strategy for each business division and sub-division by highlighting initiatives to be undertaken by each business division
  • Presented the strategy document for each business division with revenue projections, market outlook, divisional SWOT, list of initiatives and key market signals to watch out for
  • Presented a list of activities that client should stop or should not undertake in future

Our Impact

The client received a comprehensive strategy document that highlighted the growth areas, estimated revenues and key list of initiatives for each business division and sub-division including a document of all major findings on customer and competitor assessment

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