Designing a Metrics-based Business Performance Management System

Automotive Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a tier-1 automotive component supplier for leading commercial vehicle companies for both their original equipment as well aftermarket requirements. The client requested UC Strategy to create performance metrics across their individual departments in order to track their strategy and business goals.


Our Approach

To create the tracking system, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Assessed existing methods of data capture and forum for data representation
  • Examined accuracy of data across various departments
  • Identified key areas for improvement within the existing MIS systems
  • Defined function-wise unit-level metrics and built them up to a department and organisation level
  • Created function-wise performance scorecards for the different positions across departments
  • Created the structure and ran pilots of company-wide monthly review meetings featuring the different departments focusing on broad metrics reflecting the company’s performance


Our Impact

The client received an implemented model for a metrics-based business performance system to track strategy and business goals across the various departments.


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