Designing an Engagement Management System and Creating a Blueprint of a Design and Tiling Company

Building Materials Consulting

Client Challenge

The client setup operations for implementing large-scale projects in the UAE after a decade of experience in the trading of building materials. The growth of the organisation was constrained due to a lack of systems. The key issues included Idle man hours, lack of control on cost variations, delay in execution of projects, poor contract management, absence of stringent material control

The client requested UC Strategy to assist in defining a project management system, people requirements and processes to support the project management system.

Our Approach

 UC Strategy undertook the following steps for this project:

  • Created a project management system based on MS Project 1998, which mapped more than 4000 steps to execute the company’s services. This resulted in every department adhering to their commitments
  • The project management system was linked to other Microsoft suite products (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The link allowed data integrity and availability of information on the project site and the back office, resulting in better contract management
  • Also linked MS Project to Timex Data Link Watch through MS Outlook to transfer data related to the milestones. This allowed close monitoring of project milestones resulting in increased customer satisfaction and executing projects within cost parameters
  • A project learning memorandum was designed to capture a “post mortem” review of every completed project. This used baseline data to identify variations that may have caused problems that could be eliminated in future projects
  • Reviewed business processes and built the organisation structure around the processes
  • Defined control reporting points for each process
  • Designed a spreadsheet based model to monitor the progress on each project in terms of profitability, time, work completed and cost incurred on a weekly basis.

Our Impact

UC Strategy developed a project management system and formed the organisation’s structure around defined processes.

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