Designing Sales and Distribution Processes for an Asset Management Company

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client was one of the largest mutual fund houses in India. The company had 6,000 channel partners in India and was faced with the challenge of finding, winning and keeping them, on a continual basis. The company felt the pressure to move fast and provide its customers with innovative products and superior customer service. The company intended to professionalise their operations with an emphasis on sales and distribution processes. Top management in the asset management company discussed the need to:

  • Standardise and document sales and distribution processes
  • Define functionality requirements for sales and distribution process and necessary documents to support current information systems

Our Approach

To design the sales and distribution processes, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Designed the process manuals of Sales & Distribution (S & D) function
  • Key personnel in the organisation were interviewed to understand various processes of the S & D function and its interface with other departments
  • Defined process manuals for the following
    • Sales management process
    • Managing channel partners – agency/ IFA
    • Managing channel partners – banks/ distributors
    • Managing investor relations – retail, institutional investors, portfolio management services investors
  • The process manuals included the following:
    • Process maps with primary responsibility for each process/ sub-process and KPI’s
    • Standard formats for MIR reports
    • Interfaces of S & D with other departments
  • Designed the front-end architecture for MIR reporting system and architecture of the contact management system for the S & D function

 Our Impact

 The project provided the customer with redesigned customer facing processes with significantly reduced turnaround time.

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