Developing a Growth Strategy for a Farm Products Company

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client was in the farm products segment. Biotech inputs and crop protection contributes to a significant amount of the business turnover. Several initiatives have helped the top management jumpstart growth. In 2006-2007 their turnover grew by 46%. The top management wanted to develop an overall growth strategy that is not dependent on monsoons. Currently, crop protection and biotech inputs are dependent on timely and good monsoons.

The top management asked UC STRATEGY to develop a growth strategy across business divisions and the overall portfolio is a synergistic mix meeting the return expectations of the management.

Our Approach

UC STRATEGY followed the following approach in order to complete the project in a span of ten weeks:

  • Examined current situation
    • Built context
      • Gained insights into the company’s strategic intent
      • Understood internal capabilities.
    • Analysed industry
      • Understood industry trends
      • Analysed customer needs
      • Analysed channels
      • Analysed competition
      • Reviewed findings to shortlist business divisions to take forward.
    • Built future roadmap
      • Identified opportunities
        • Analysed customer/product/value chain opportunities
        • Examined current strategy in light of emerging opportunities.
      • Developed strategy
        • Defined strategy
          • Product
          • Market/consumer
          • Channel
          • Pricing
        • Assessed capabilities required
        • Evaluated options for organic/inorganic growth.
      • Evaluated and revise overall portfolio
        • Evaluated the portfolio in light of new strategy
        • Revised portfolio and build broad financials.
      • Plan action
        • Defined implementation plan.


 Our Impact

 The client was given an in-depth deliverable after speaking to ~360 individuals along the value chain triangulated with secondary research.

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