Developing Blueprint for Growth for a Leading Indian Industrial, Heavy Engineering and Project Execution Company

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a diversified High-tech Heavy Engineering Project Execution company with a strong Engineering and Project Management and Manufacturing infrastructure to undertake Projects and supply of machinery and equipment across various industry sectors

The top Management had planned a ‘Strategy Workshop’ and intended to articulate an actionable strategy with a 2-year horizon for the various Strategic Business Units (SBUs) within the company.

Our Approach

In order to implement strategic planning and initiate execution, UC Strategy used the following approach:

The following approach was used for each of the SBUs:

• Planned the execution work stream and re-validated all the identified improvement areas and initiatives

o Reviewed existing relevant material
o Validated issues/opportunities
o Identified project leaders
o Used a milestone-based approach for each initiative within each SBU
o Created a risk register to quickly identify risks – if any and plan for risk mitigation
o Prepared a key activity schedule
o Created a high-level implementation plan
o Devised a pan – organisation Communication plan

• Project Implementation & Handover:

o Launched implementation planning
o Devised weekly progress monitoring vs. plan
 Activities
 Milestones
 Benefits
o Escalation of strategic issues
o Emergence of cultural change
o Reconciliation of programme benefits to management accounts
o Delivered identified project management benefits
 Revenue uplift
 Working capital reduction
 Performance improvements
 Key enablers
 Plans and architecture in place for ongoing projects and to support future benefit delivery
o Full handover to internal team implemented

Our Impact

A complete project and strategy execution planning was initiated. Proper checks were placed at each milestone to ensure complete implementation. The entire assignment was handed over to the top management to further dive the same.

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