Developing an Investor Presentation for a Manpower Staffing Company

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client specialised in providing manpower to the oil and gas, infrastructure and power sectors. Some investors had approached the company, showing interest in acquiring a stake. The client requested UC STRATEGY to capture and present the key operating details and the strategic vision of the company to its those strategic investors.



Our Approach

 To assist the company in developing the investor presentation, UC STRATEGY adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted an overview of the Indian staffing industry
  • Segmented the industry into different pivots to highlight the strengths of the client
  • Conducted an overview of the current operations of the client including the following details –
  • Profile of the management team and their contribution
  • Growth in revenues and profitability highlighting the key elements of the strategy that has led to the growth
  • Share of revenues from various industry segments and highlighting the rationale of focusing on these verticals
  • Future expansion plans including staffing numbers focus on new verticals, strategy to increase penetration in existing verticals etc.
  • Conducted an overview of the alliance/tie-ups especially in the international market and their contribution to stimulating growth
  • Analysed the strategic investment in the company



Our Impact

The client received a detailed presentation for the investors.

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