Developing Routes-To-Market Strategy for Animal Feed Business in the UAE

Agribusiness Consulting Firm

Client Challenge

  • The client was a leading Food & Beverage company from UAE with presence across bottled water, dairy, juices, bakery, feed and flour
  • The client is the market leader in UAE animal feed sector. Subsidies, introduced by Government to protect public against increasing grain prices has been major contributor to client’s leadership position
  • Post the subsidies were removed on sales through Distributors and Municipality due to which client was witnessing loss in market share in feed business and needed to develop a robust RTM strategy
  • The top management requested assistance from UC Strategy in developing routes-to-market strategy for Animal Feed business in the UAE to aid in the revamp of their market share

Our Approach

To conduct this engagement, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with all key people in client feed business team to understand the current business model, market dynamics, account management, subsidy structure, etc.
  • Conducted customer audit across all segments across seven emirates in the UAE through detail discussions with animal farms of all types and sizes. The objective was to understand feed requirement, purchase practices, brand preferences, consumption pattern, key purchase criteria, unmet needs, etc.
  • Conducted discussions with channel partners and competitors to identify valuable niches, channel practices, trade economics, expansion opportunities, etc.
  • Plotted detailed feed value chain and analysed growth path of top 30 feed companies globally to identify growth opportunities for client
  • Defined actionable route-to-market and growth initiatives (both short-term and long-range) to achieve profitable revenue growth

Our Impact

We defined 10 initiatives to expand presence in UAE feed business and explore growth opportunities in adjacencies and also quantified benefits of AED100-120 Mn in additional revenues over 2 years and via timely implementation of UC Strategy recommendations

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