Developing a Strategic Landscape for Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation for Leprosy in India on Behalf of a Leading Global Pharmaceutical Giant Based in India

Client Challenge

The client was a well known global pharma giant having a strong footprint in India. As the client was evaluating its future strategy regarding its role in leprosy in India, Senior Management believed it would be useful for landscaping DPMR as an input/starting point.


Our Approach                                                

In order to assess and landscape India, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Undertook detailed primary and secondary research to understand the subject
  • Conducted more than 55 interviews in more than 8 states across various respondent categories such as NGOs, Government bodies, Foundations and Independent doctors
  • Plotted initiatives on resource requirement vs. ease of implementation vs. impact on DPMR to identify initiatives that client could explore further
  • Showcased findings of prime importance such as:
  • Leprosy statistics in India
  • GAPS in leprosy care programs
  • Identified and highlighted the potential opportunities for the client
  • Profiled other stakeholders working towards reforms in this leprosy segment.

Our Impact

The client received an overview of the Indian landscape for DPMR.

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