Developing the Mid-Market Hospital Strategy in India for a Global Leader In Medical Technology

Medical Devices Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a leading global player in medical technology, was seeking to formulate a strategy to improve business prospects in the mid-sized hospital segment in India. For this, they wanted to develop an understanding of the market landscape for healthcare delivery in India and assess avenues for engagement with mid-market hospitals through innovative supply models and funding partnerships.


Our Approach

To develop insights into the landscape and behavior of the mid-market hospital segment, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Landscaped the market for healthcare delivery in India through secondary research
  • Defined criteria for the mid-market hospital segment and identified relevant hospitals across 10 cities
  • Interviewed owners/ administrators at mid-market hospitals to generate insights on –
    • Growth profile, future aspirations and challenges of expansion
    • Economics and sources of financing for new projects and expansion plans
    • Procurement dynamics for medical technology products
    • Perception of supply-based partnerships and funding support from MNC medical technology companies
  • Triangulated findings across cities and analyzed trends at the sub-segment level to develop strategic recommendations based on the potential of each partnership model


Our Impact

The client received detailed insights into mid-market hospitals’ perception of partnerships with medical technology companies, along with strategic recommendations on opportunity areas for such partnerships and high-receptivity customer segments for each opportunity

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