Due Diligence of an Indian Pharma Company for a Private Equity Investment Company

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client made private equity investments in growth-oriented buyouts in South and Southeast Asia. It contributed to both capital and management expertise with the objective of directing strategic, operational and financial improvements. The client was looking at investment opportunities in healthcare and was in discussions with a mid-sized India pharmaceutical company for the same. UC STRATEGY was hired to conduct a due diligence of the Indian pharma company


Our Approach

UC STRATEGY used the following approach to conduct a due diligence:

  • As part of the assignment conducted detailed primary research and interviewed more than 120 respondents across a mix of stakeholders across India
  • Developed insights on the internal views of the company and its performance:
    • Understood issues and concerns from clients’ point of view
    • Interviewed the management and the internal sales and marketing team at the pharma company
    • Assessed the company’s primary sales and receivables data
  • Analysed the regional and product wise sales data of the company
  • Shortlisted of the key markets and the key products for the company
  • Interviewed the external stakeholders such as the doctors, distributors and the retailers
  • Interviewed some pharma companies to understand the industry standards
  • Assessed the sales data on IMS and assess the gaps and trends in the primary sales and IMS sales data
  • Examined the channel dynamics and value chain used by Flower
  • Examined the sales strategy and field force management by the company
  • Assessed flower’s competitors and their likely future action in to the markets where Flower was presently very strong
  • Lid out Flower’s perspective of internal business model dynamics


Our Impact

The client received a detailed due diligence on the target company. UC STRATEGY recommended the client to embark on financial analysis of Flower for further action on significant investments in the company.


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