Due Diligence of the Indian market for a Global Client, Interested in Launching a Psychotropic Drug

Client Challenge

The client is a global giant in FMCG products with a presence in pharmaceutical products as well. They received a proposal from the category leader in India to launch its psychotropic drug brand in partnership, and cater to the demand of the private distribution channel. To have a clear understanding of the legal and regulatory framework pertaining to the product category and an answer on the potential entry option in India, either in partnership with the category leader or alone, the company requested UC Strategy to conduct the engagement.

Our Approach

UC Strategy undertook the following steps for this project:

  • Primary research was conducted with key stake holders such as government bodies, manufacturers, private practitioners and points of distribution such as hospitals and NGOs working in the healthcare field
  • Landscaped the regulatory and legal framework for sourcing, importing, manufacturing, registering, selling and distribution of the psychotropic drug in India
  • Developed a clear understanding of the current distribution system and likely future trends i.e. the possibility of the development of non-institutional distribution channels going forward in India, for which the client had got the proposal
  • Researched the patient profile to validate whether treatment through the private prescription channel was likely to grow

Our Impact

The client received a holistic view of the market with respect to legal and regulatory guidelines, the share of total business through various distribution channels and product pricing in India. The client got clear indications on the opportunity in India. Additional questions were raised to assist the client in subsequently discussing the value proposition in partnering with the category leader in India.


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