Evaluating Market Attractiveness and Competitive Landscape for Indian Consumer and Pro Tax Segments

Client Challenge

The client, an international software company that developed financial and tax preparation software, approached UC Strategy to assess the attractiveness and competitor landscape of the Indian consumer and pro-tax markets


Our Approach

In order to fulfil client’s requirements, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Assessed the market size and growth potential of the Indian tax filing market
  • Conducted detailed primary and secondary research to identify the modes of filing income tax returns
  • This was supplemented with estimations of past and future trends of adoption of each mode of filing based on market drivers
  • Conducted a market study to estimate the market size and growth potential for pro-tax software
  • Key competitors in the industry were assessed and a benchmarking activity undertaken for deriving best practices
  • Customer selection, behavior analysis and competitor positioning analysis was conducted to analyze the key success factors and to identify capability gaps
  • Examined the current sales channels and marketing efforts of competitors
  • A similar market size and growth potential evaluation was carried out for the consumer tax software market, followed by competitor landscape assessment and identification of key selection and switching criteria in this segment

Our Impact

The client received a detailed review of the attractiveness of consumer tax markets in India, along with an understanding of the competitor, customer and channel dynamics for the consumer and pro-tax software segments.

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