Evaluating Market Attractiveness and Competitive Landscape for the UAE Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Accounting Software Market

Financial Consulting Strategies

Client Challenge

The client, an international software company that develops financial and tax preparation software, approached UC Strategy to assess the SME landscape in the UAE with a focus on Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and understand the accounting software landscape in the UAE along with an addressable market size


Our Approach

In order to fulfil client’s requirements, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • Assessed the state of the UAE market and the significance of SMEs to the economy
  • Evaluated the growth prospects and drivers for SMEs in UAE
  • Undertook detailed evaluation of the accounting software landscape in the UAE
  • Profiled customer behavior and examined the entities involved in the accounting process in UAE
  • Identified customer selection and switching dynamics, and existing pain points through extensive primary research
  • Examined and profiled key competitors and their market offerings, along with the customer perception of the various competitors in the SME market
  • Competitor positioning analysis was conducted to analyse the key success factors and to identify capability gaps
  • Assessed channel dynamics and strategic initiatives of competitors
  • Developed a market sizing methodology to estimate the potential SME accounting software market size.

Our Impact

The client received a detailed analysis of the SME landscape and accounting software landscape in the UAE, along with a detailed review of the competitive intensity in the UAE accounting software market. The client also received an estimate of the potential addressable market size for SME accounting software in the UAE.

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