Expansion Strategy for a Leading Food Manufacturer in the Ready to Eat and Frozen Segment

Agricultural Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a leading manufacturer of vegetarian Indian ethnic ready to eat and frozen food, catering to markets in the USA and the UK, was one of the first companies to market Indian ethnic food in those countries. Its product portfolio included:

  • pickles and chutneys
  • frozen vegetables and parathas
  • pastes
  • masalas
  • frozen entrees and snacks
  • instant mix

However, despite being an early mover in the International markets, the company was unable to garner market share. The top management requested UC Strategy to develop a growth strategy and to define a business model for the same.

Our Approach

To determine the growth strategy for the client, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted primary research with different target groups to validate the various growth avenues for the firm. Target groups included:
    • Supermarkets and Indian ethnic retail shops
    • Food service institutions
    • Competitors
    • Distributors
  • The focus of the primary research was to identify the following key areas:
    • Industry size and trends
    • Target markets
    • Distribution channels
    • Future strategies of key competitors
  • Strategies were defined for formats like Indian ethnic retail, supermarkets and food service
  • Also defined a business model as growth and key decision-making frameworks for further expansions
  • Defined the suitable organisational changes to be able to capture growth

Our Impact

The client received an in-depth business model defining the growth strategy in different formats and also a recommendation of changes required in the organisation to capture the growth.

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