Facilitating the Preparation of an Implementation Plan and Conducting Competency Assessment for a Leading Sea Port

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client, a leading sea port was following a strategy of acquisition led growth across geographies to gain access to growing markets. It had entered into a management services agreement for taking over the day to day management of another sea port (herein referred to as the port). As part of this agreement, the client had to prepare an implementation plan outlining the method of takeover. It had appointed a core management team to facilitate a smooth takeover of the port’s operations. The top management sought UC Strategy’s assistance for the preparation of the implementation plan and to conduct a competency assessment.

Our Approach

To facilitate the preparation of the implementation plan and to conduct a competency assessment, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

Teamed up with the core management to facilitate a smooth takeover of the port’s operations

  • Interviewed departmental heads of the port to identify operational and structural issues
  • Defined recommendations for operational improvements
  • Defined organisation structure with appropriate staffing levels for various departments
  • Assisted the core management team in preparing the following deliverables
    • Decision making structure
    • Reporting and communication procedures
    • Migration plan
    • Job descriptions
    • Quality assurance and quality control and health and safety policies
    • Operating expense, capital expense and revenue budget
    • Key performance indicators
    • Infrastructure and equipment assessment report
  • Defined a detailed implementation plan for each department
  • Conducted a competency assessment along with members of the core management team and departmental heads of the port
  • Prepared detailed profiles of each interviewee and ranked them across pre-defined parameters to facilitate final decision making for the client and the port


Our Impact

UC Strategy assessed the competency of each interviewee and prepared an implementation plan with the client.

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