Feasibility Study for a Metal Alloy Company to Enter India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The company is present in 12 countries worldwide and caters to a niche segment of specialised copper alloys (e.g. Copper Beryllium, Copper Chromium Zirconium). The top management wanted to assess the attractiveness of the Indian market for selected copper alloys.

Our Approach

The client needed the following questions to be answered:

  • What is the size the Indian copper alloy market?
  • Which are the key application areas for specialised copper alloys?
  • What is the growth potential for specialised copper alloys in the Indian market?
  • What is the competitive intensity for specialised copper alloys?
  • How attractive is the Indian market for the client from application and competition perspective?

UC Strategy conducted research to answer the client’s questions, by studying and analysing the following:

  • Studied the basic types of copper alloys (Brass, Bronze, Specialised alloys (Cu-Be, Cu-Cr, Cu-Cr-Zr) and its technical characteristics
  • Conducted primary research covering nearly 85 respondents across the value chain (competitors, traders, customers, industry experts and associations)
  • Analysed raw materials forms and suppliers – Identified raw material sourcing trends to manufacture specialised alloys. Identified preferred forms of metal sourced for various categories
  • Analysed customer segments – Identified usage trends and customer decision behavior of specialised copper alloys in major application industries e.g. automobile, shipping, electrical, industrial etc.
  • Analysed competition – Developed a competitive landscape for specialised alloys (Copper Beryllium, Copper Chromium, Copper Chromium Zirconium) and Aluminium Bronze
  • Identified substitution trends – Identified substitution trends of the specialised copper alloys in various customer segments and application industry
  • Key business risks and entry barriers – Analysed key risks and barriers to enter the specialised copper alloy market in India
  • Estimated opportunity size by triangulating usage trends, imports data and competitor assessment.

Our Impact

Based on the above analyses, UC Strategy developed likely growth curve for specialised alloys for the next 3 years and submitted to the client, an assessment of the overall attractiveness of the Indian market for a new entrant.