Conducting Feasibility Study on Entering the Power Generation Business

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a power technology and project implementation company in India, wanted to assess the power generation situation in India to set up a power plant in the state of Gujarat. It requested UC Strategy to conduct a feasibility study to implement a power generation business in near future for a specific location and start and implementation phase for the same

Our Approach

In order to conduct a feasibility study, UC Strategy used the following approach:

  • In line with the client requirements, eight locations were selected within the state of Gujarat. The locations were evaluated on parameters such as availability and supply of water, gas, evacuation and other infrastructure facilities
  • Presented a summary of locations considered for evaluation for the site of power plant
  • Presented a summary of resources available at the locations considered for evaluation
  • Examined the gas suppliers and carried out detailed discussion with them on behalf of the client
  • Considered the consumer mix for selling the power
  • Calculated the proposed tariff and that was accepted by prospective buyer companies
  • Evaluated and finalised a list of technical consultants for the project
  • Evaluated and finalised a list of equipment suppliers and EPC contractors for the project
  • Shortlisted supplier and transporter for gas
  • Liaisoning key government officials
  • Initiated discussions with Financial Institutions
  • Identified categories of strategic equity partners.

Our Impact

The client received a detailed feasibility and implementation assistance for the same.

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