Formulation Of Detailed Strategic Business Plan For Accelerating Growth For Ophthalmic Business In India

Medical Devices Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a part of a US incorporated MNC and currently, a preferred supplier of many of its product categories in India was one of the leading suppliers of ophthalmic glass in India. The client wanted to formulate a detailed strategic and operating business plan for significant growth of plastic ophthalmic lens in India

Our Approach

To develop a robust strategic business plan for the client encompassing brand, pricing promotion, location, capacity, Channel, sourcing and financial strategy

• Detailed primary research and discussion with ~ 80 respondents from various industry stakeholders
• Investment and financial outlay was prepared for the future business scenario with detailed impact analysis for each scenarios
• Assessed customer segments and analyzed competitor landscape to ascertain market dynamics and value chain in the industry

Our Impact

The client received a complete understanding of the industry, along with the future scenario. It also obtained a well-defined financial plan, organisation structure and implementation plan with acute recommendations based on client’s present strengths and future outlook

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