Conducting Global Opportunities Assessment Study For Select Segments

Client Challenge

The client was India’s leading pharmaceutical company specializing in developing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical formulations using novel drug delivery systems (NDDS). With expertise in developing sustained release formulations, controlled release formulations, combination products, taste masking formulations and oral fast dissolving dosage forms, the client supplied NDDS formulations and intermediates to leading domestic pharmaceutical companies and Indian arms of global pharmaceutical companies. Due to growing competition in the current segment, it wanted to assess opportunities within new areas adjacent to its existing business that offer the potential for growth.

Our Approach

To develop an assessment of global market opportunities in the select segments in, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Shortlisted the countries for opportunity assessment based on key indicators
  • Using IMS database, shortlisted the products contributing to 80% revenue or with revenue contribution of more than USD 5 million; eliminate the rest
  • Eliminated biologics, drugs that were experiencing negative growth from 2011-2016 and drugs whose patents expire after 2025
  • Therapeutic area classification to shortlist top 5 TAs across the list of molecules from the previous step based on revenue contribution
  • Identified top 3 formulations type across shortlisted TAs and mapping it against the list of molecules
  • Identified specialty services, cytotoxic and hazardous drugs and eliminate the OSDFs not featuring in the list
  • Identified molecules of overlap across countries and shortlist those with presence in 2 or more countries, except for USA (molecules featuring just in the USA have been considered without overlap due to the size and nature of the market)
  • Analysed competitive intensity by identifying number of marketers from Newport
  • Therapeutic Area analysis of the shortlisted molecules
  • In-depth analysis of the shortlisted molecules w.r.t. to Regulatory Affairs
  • Conducted in-depth Primary Research to understand the following (CDMO landscape for the shortlisted formulation, Therapeutic area wise analysis of pharma companies to identify potential customers)

For this purpose, the UC Strategy team conducted extensive primary research with several industry experts globally

Our Impact

UC Strategy came up with few facts and recommendations. About 64% of the molecules shortlisted belonged to Specialty and Injectable formulations and Oncology was the dominant therapy area (~44%). Also, outsourcing for Injectables and Specialty products was higher as these services were niche and they required dedicated facilities and specialized capabilities


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