Conducting HR Due Diligence And Location Assessment For Greenfield Operations for a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company In India

Client Challenge

The client was a leading multinational pharmaceutical company operating in India. The client was planning to acquire a manufacturing facility in Rangpo, Sikkim to avail tax incentives extended by Government of India. The plant was under construction at the time of the study. Human Resource team of the client wanted to identify and assess the potential risk and challenges for the greenfield project. The focus of the study was on People, Place, Policy and Politics

Our Approach

To develop an assessment of potential risk and challenges of acquiring a manufacturing facility in Rangpo, Sikkim. UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Developed framework to identify factors affecting the overall attractiveness of acquiring a plant in Sikkim
  • Understood current and future commercial, geopolitical situation and infrastructural development in Sikkim based on the identified factors
  • Evaluated the identified factors based on current situation and future trend to arrive at the overall attractiveness
  • Understood and analyzed potential risk and challenges to be faced by the under-construction plant

For this purpose, the UC Strategy team conducted primary research with ~30 respondents (including plant head, HR manager of the other pharmaceutical companies operating in Sikkim, owners and managers of manufacturing ecosystem operating in Sikkim)

Our Impact

The client received detailed evaluation and analysis for each of the identified factor affecting the overall attractiveness along with the potential risk and challenges for acquiring the manufacturing facility in Sikkim.

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