Identifying the Growth Opportunities for a Leading Glass Container Manufacturer in India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a leading manufacturer of glass packaging for pharmaceutical and food products, requested UC Strategy to assist in identifying and defining profitable growth opportunities for one of its business divisions.

Our Approach

 To identify the growth opportunities for the client, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Defined the framework and segmented products and customers, based on economic value added (EVA) realisation. Analysed and segmented the products for each production line and recommended options for improving the product and customer mix
  • Analysed growth opportunities across business adjacencies in the following areas –
    • New geography
    • Positioning in the value chain
    • New customer segment
    • New business
  • Evaluated the new manufacturing technology and recommended strategy for penetrating a new market detailing the following areas –
    • Customer segment
    • Countries to focus
    • Distribution channel
  • Recommended entry in the new substitution product category through acquisition
  • Evaluated feasibility of other product segments and recommended the client not to enter in the business.


Our Impact

The client received a complete understanding of the landscape of its business and undertook the following actions for future growth. Monitored the products and customers mix based on the framework and took initiatives to improve it. Conducted business diligence for one of the acquisition targets.

Also, a roadmap for building the manufacturing capacities, based on the global market analysis, was defined for the client.

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