Identifying Niche Opportunities for a Leading Indian Automotive OEM in the Earthmoving Equipment Space

Building Materials Consulting

Client Challenge

The client, a leading Indian Automotive OEM, believed that there were potentially many earthmoving applications across different types of projects for which either proper equipment were not available or not being used due to various reasons. There existed a potential to tap these niche opportunities and the client engaged UC Strategy to identify the potential for niche earthmoving equipment based on a detailed application study.

Our Approach

UC Strategy studied the potential in the earthmoving equipment niche and provided the client with information after taking the following approach:

  • Conducted a detailed assessment of each major application area of earthmoving equipment to understand the project lifecycle and to determine the equipment usage
  • Studied the rationale for choosing a particular size and configuration of equipment (economic rationale, productivity rationale, availability in rental market, product features, awareness of different types of equipment etc.)
  • Assessed the substitutability of the equipment currently being used with more specialised equipment (akin to more developed markets)
  • Identified possible tipping points for the greater adoption of specific equipment based on factors such as cost economics, user specialisation in application areas and product awareness.

Our Impact

UC Strategy delivered a realistic assessment of user behavior and choices in terms of selecting specific equipment. The client received an identification of niche product positions for specific application areas. The client also received identification of potential tipping points for greater adoption of specific equipment leading to the development of an outlook on the size of the opportunity for such equipment.

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