Identifying Sourcing Opportunities from India for One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Client Challenge

The client is an Indian subsidiary of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The subsidiary had been established to identify sourcing opportunities from India in line with the pharmaceutical company’s global sourcing strategy. With a view to establishing India as a sourcing base, the client sought the assistance of UC Strategy in:

  • Landscaping the Indian sourcing space
  • Identifying sourcing opportunities in India for indirect cost categories
  • Identifying key players in opportunities shortlisted.

Our Approach

UC Strategy provided a perspective on India as a sourcing hub for indirect cost categories and screened potential partners across pre-defined parameters. We followed the below process:

  • Conducted a detailed analysis of 16 segments, of which 10 were service based and 6 were product based. Held discussions with 70 potential vendors/ service providers across products and service categories to understand sourcing potential
  • Finalised segments based on savings potential, vendor/ service provider expertise, international exposure, the extent to which multinational companies, including pharmaceutical companies, are sourcing from India for their global operations and their relative importance in pharmaceutical industry
  • Identified key vendors/ service providers in attractive segments and prepared detailed profiles of 125 such players.

 Our Impact

The client prioritised three segments for sourcing from India and initiated discussions with key shortlisted vendors. Four other segments were identified as opportunities to be evaluated in the medium term, i.e. nine to twelve months. Based on the recommendation, the client also established a global sourcing office in India

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