Identifying a Suitable Location for Setting up Multi–Modal Logistics Park and Dedicated Freight Corridor for a Logistics Service Provider

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The client was a logistics service provider in India. It intended to use the information to finalize selection of locations, carry out detailed feasibility studies and initiate development of the MMLPs in partnership with the concerned State Governments, and the interested respondents. The client being one of the interested respondents asked UC STRATEGY to undertaken the assignment on its behalf

Our Approach

In order to identify a suitable location, UC STRATEGY used the following approach:

  • Defined an approach map to undertake the engagement which included examining, estimating and highlighting strategies for EXIM traffic, Domestic traffic, Connectivity and Competitive Intensity
  • Conducted a detailed secondary desk research for the same and also conducted dipstick primary research
  • Identified locations for setting up of MMPL
  • The locations were grouped into three categories viz.
    • Preferred locations – Most favourable locations
    • Fallback locations – Feasible locations
    • Last potential locations – Not favourable locations, but last resort option
  • For each of the identified locations from each category the following aspects were considered and examined in detail:
    • Overview
    • Existing cargo capacity & Future cargo handling capacities
    • EXIM traffic
    • Domestic traffic
    • Connectivity
    • Major regions or cities catered to from each base locations
    • Competitive intensity
    • Present major commodities handled by each location
    • SEZs planned in and around or at each location and benefits of the same
    • Proximity and advent of other competitor Logistic service providers
    • Key industrial areas and nearby industrial belts – geographically
    • Existing ICDs and probable new upcoming ICDs near each of the locations identified
  • Identified and shortlisted the final set of locations based on each category.


Our Impact

The client received a suitable list of shortlisted locations for setting up of MMLP and DFC.








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