Identifying a Technology Alliance Partner for a Heavy Engineering Company

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a leading heavy engineering company. An earlier corporate strategy defined by UC Strategy resulted in a clear need for technology acquisition for two of its key divisions – the boiler division and the cement machinery division – to be able to remain competitive and address a larger market.

Our Approach

  • To identify a technology alliance partner, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:
    • Created a desirable profile of an ideal technology partner for each of the division based on the capabilities of the client and the requirement of the technology. These parameters were later used to prioritised between the different shortlisted potential technology alliance partners
    • Conducted a scan of players across the globe with a mix of manufacturers and design/ engineering firms which have access to the desired technology
    • Developed a long list of companies that met the minimum criteria for providing the respective technology
    • Evaluated various models including technology transfer, royalty-based approach, joint venture, contract manufacturing etc.
    • Based on a multi-level filtration process, created a short list of companies suitable to the client
    • Created profile packs of the shortlisted potential technology alliance players
    • Organised information exchanges and pre-diligence visits



Our Impact

The client entered into an agreement with an alliance partner for a technology transfer to both the divisions.

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