Identifying the Key Services Offerings to Enter the Global Shipping Industry

Logistics Consulting Services

Client Challenge

The top management aspired to enter the global markets and leverage India’s low-cost advantage as well as a tide over the bleak Indian shipping industry. The client requested UC Strategy to identify the following details:

  • Key services to be provided in the ship management industry from the range of available options
  • Target segments to be tapped
  • Key locations where ship management services could be provided

 Our Approach

To identify the key services to be offered, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Formed a predefined hypothesis to evaluate services, target segments and key geographical locations · Conducted an in-depth analysis of the following aspects –
    • Identified the Indian market potential for ship management
    • India’s advantage as a ship management centre
    • Potential of the global market for ship management
    • Identified the need for the organisation to move to global markets to understand the internal capabilities of the organisation
  • The key services, target segments and key geographical locations to be offered were evaluated on the following parameters –
    • Potential and margins of ship management services: Technical management, crew management, commercial management, other services
    • Segmentation of the customers based on the type of ship owners: (Growth drivers, future potential, buyer values)
    • Target countries: (Fleet of target countries, growth of the shipping industry, competition from other ship managers at these locations, legislation)

Our Impact

The client received a detailed identification of the key services, target segments and key geographical locations of the global shipping industry.

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