India Entry Strategy for a Diagnostic Imaging Player in the Healthcare Sector

Medical Devices Consulting

Client Challenge

To map one of the largest consulting firms, based in the UK, was conducting an engagement for mapping opportunities in the pediatric specialty nutrition market, for their clients in several international markets, including India. The firm requested UC Strategy to help them in India Entry Strategy. The end client, in India’s nutrition market, was reviewing its products portfolio and market position in the specialty infant nutrition sectors, which involved formulae for low birth weight, allergies and other metabolic and elemental diseases. The scope of the engagement was to assist the client in evaluating strategic options for the specialty nutrition division by understanding the current market and competition. The top management requested UC Strategy to deliver an action plan for the same.

Our Approach

To map the opportunities for the company in the market, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Built an overview of the current Indian market for specialty infant formula and emerging trends through secondary and primary research
  • Incidence, diagnosis and treatment trends of various diseases in infants like low birth weight, allergies and other metabolic diseases
  • Types of formulae consumed, availability and affordability of formulae for treatment of the above diseases Pricing of specialty infant formulae and the target income segment
  • Analysed the competitive dynamics of the specialty infant formulae industry – locally manufactured and imported products
  • Key players in the industry
  • Market share, pricing, positioning and future growth of each player
  • Sales force and distribution network
  • Build an action plan based on the above finding for an entry into the specialty infant formulae market – products and timing of launch
  • Clinical indication to be targeted i.e. type of formulae to be launched
  • Sales and distribution network
  • Target customer segment for each type of formula launched
  • Regulations governing the launch of products

Our Impact

UC Strategy laid out the opportunities for the client and delivered an action-plan for them to enter the specialty nutrition division.