Insights on OEMs’ Behavior in Passenger Vehicles (PV) Market in India

Automotive Management Consulting

Client Challenge

The client was a part of USD 8 Bn US-based corporation and a preferred supplier for many of its product categories in India. It wanted to assess the automotive glazing market in India in order to evaluate its feasibility to be a successful player. The top management requested UC Strategy to conduct a study for “Developing OEM Behaviour Insights in Automotive Glazing Market in India”

Our Approach

To conduct this engagement, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted OEM interviews accounting for ~97% share of PV volume in 2016
  • Conducted interviews with two major suppliers of automotive glazing in the India
  • Conducted interviews with aftermarket players
  • Analysis conducted
    • Size and growth of automotive glazing demand in India. Share of OEM vs. aftermarket demand
    • Pricing practices followed in automotive glazing for OEMs
    • Procurement practices and supplier evaluation criteria
    • The difference in practices across local vs. MNC OEMs
    • Key departments involved from OEMs in automotive glazing sourcing
    • OEM preferences and propensity to pay premium for different glazing features
    • OEMs’ openness to switch suppliers and key switching criteria
    • Profile of two largest glazing suppliers in India

Our Impact

The adoption of the above approach Target OEMs for the client in India, Preferable price points, focus platform, credit and lead time to offer, feasibility for the client to be a successful player in Indian automotive glazing market, KSFs to enter Indian automotive glazing market and Value proposition/ positioning of the client in India.

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