Conducting a Landscape Study for Dairy Market Evolution in India

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Client Challenge

The client was a leading French transformer of milk and manufacturer of butter, cheese and cream. The top management wished to evaluate and assess the Evolution of Dairy Market in India between 2008-17. Hence, they requested UC Strategy to ‘Conduct Landscape Study for Dairy Market Evolution in India’ 

Our Approach

To assess market landscape, UC Strategy adopted the following approach:

  • Conducted an extensive primary and secondary research to understand the general market information about dairy markets such as Segmentation of products, key demand and supply-side drivers, leading product categories and their growth potential, leading customer segments, major players and their business model
  • Analysed the market dynamics for dairy market from demand angle i.e.
    • Product landscape, market size from 2008-17- by value and volume
    • Impact of macroeconomic variables on the dairy market
    • Key growth drivers and inhibitors
    • Impact of cattle slaughter ban on the dairy industry
    • Emergence and penetration of value-added products as opposed to traditional milk products
    • Key Customer Segments within B2B and B2C- Key preferences, trends impacting demand for dairy products, key purchase criteria, switching criteria etc.
    • Share of Modern and Traditional retail in Total retail market, Demand for dairy products across both
    • Brand preference across various products and customer segments
    • Regional customer preferences and buying behaviour for different dairy products
  • Analysed the market dynamics for dairy market from supply angle i.e.
    • Major milk belts in India and per capita availability of milk across regions
    • Profile and landscape of milk collection
    • Procurement model adopted by different players
    • Incidence of Indian and MNC players in India
    • Share of imports and exports across leading product categories
    • Business Model, SWOT Analysis of leading Dairy players in India
    • Cost build up across the value chain, margin analysis etc.
    • Pricing strategy adopted, economics of pricing
    • Mergers and Acquisitions in Dairy industry between 2008-17

Our Impact

The client obtained detailed insights about the dairy market in India and potential action points to expand their presence by first catering to B2B segment and then tapping the huge retail potential


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